Sunday, January 8, 2012

fun with our phones Monday

Fun with our phone Monday!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I just hung out with my family, my sister Nina was visiting and a good friend from Washington is here training so he stayed with us as well. Here are a few pictures from this weekend. 

Aiden and Aunt Nina

My interview was Friday, I find out Tuesday or Wedesday. 

New color. 

Our Lexi has been enjoying it outside a lot lately. 

Tons of birds by our wal-mart. 

My new ride. My mom has my jeep liberty and I said I would use this one. Nothing a paint job can't, new tires and rims can't fix. If I get this job it may happen :) .

Happy Monday everyone. 

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  1. Love your pics. The nail polish is adorable by the way. Love it! And, those birds creep me out. lol