Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WILW #13

Linking up with Jamie.

I'm loving......

That my sister Nina came up to Oklahoma with us, helping me with Aiden is awesome since I was sick. 

That I found a app for this iPad that help working with blogger easier. 

That I'm trying to look more at the positive on situations. For example my moms cars were in bad shape and we traded them for really small old Nission , and my mom and I are trading cars for a little while because mine is bigger. So positive thinking means less gas money and lower insurance for me. 

That I'm finally reading The Help, and am loving it.

That I might have job soon.

That Aiden being in daycare will teach him new things for sure.

That  my son is no longer breast feeding. 20 months was way passed my 12 month goal. Yay me!

That I have a pot roast n the crock pot. Smells so good.

That it's the middle if the week already, kind of ready for the weekend.

What are you loving?


  1. I bet that pot roast does smell good!!

  2. 20 months is amazing!! I'm at 10.5 months and about to wean completely because we want to start trying for baby #2...I'm sad about it :(

  3. the help is an amazing book! im in the middle of reading it too :)