Thursday, January 26, 2012

it's ok Thursday

It's ok Thursday

It's ok ......

That after almost two weeks I'm finally starting to feel better, but wish I was 100% better. 

That on Tuesday aiden and I almost slept all day.

That I'm happy about having a job but sad to be away from Aiden.

That I'm planning Aidens birthday, even though his birthday is in April. 

That we just cleaned up the leaves in the backyard, but lesson learned and next year we won't wait so long to pick them up.

That all our bushes except for one in the front is dead, I'm going to try and have a green thumb this year. The front of our house was so beautiful when  we moved in and of course once we moved in we had no rain for over 100 days. 

To have TV days. 

To have to stay home all week because one car is out of gas, payday can't get here any slower. 

To talk to my mom everyday, I love her. 

To love when my husband gets home 30 mins early. 

What's ok with you? 



  1. I'm glad you are starting to feel better! It's never too early to plan birthday parties, in my opinion, and yay for tv days. ;)

  2. Hope you feel better. Planning parties in April looks genius to me right now as I frantically try to plan my boyfriend's birthday party next week.. :)