Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Toddle along Tuesday link up

Linking up with Growing up Geeky today.

Inside Aiden's Room

When I found out I was pregnant and with a boy I went straight into looking for frog themed room. I have collected frogs since high school, and thought it would be cool having something I love. I found the perfect bed set. The colors and patterns were perfect and it was to an over
load of frogs. Thank you amazon.

I just moved out Aidens dresser that goes with his crib because I wanted something I can put more toys in. So now he has the two selves from Ikea with baskets. It will work until he is older and then I'll put his dresser back.

For Christmas he got tons of new toys, so I cleaned out some baby toys to make room. Now he has empty baskets ready for the new toys for his birthday. Which is not until April, but it's ok to be ready haha.

I love the little people toys and love watching Aiden play and interact with the toys. Makes car sounds and trying to put the people in the right places.

I have a little corner with a big pillow and some stuffed animals, he sits and attempts to read its adorable.

Here is the den with the rest of toys that won't fit in his room.

Here are some things I hope to do this year. Thank you pinterest.


  1. Funny thing- I used to collect frogs and I also used frogs in my son's nursery! My mom painted the walls to look like a pond. It was neat! I like your room as well as all the storage you have in there! We are about to upgrade our little man from a toddler bed to a "big boy bed". He wants a bunk bed and I don't want broken bones from that! lol

  2. New follower from TAT. I have the fabric book shelves and letters pinned on my boards as well! LOVE them!! I'm thinking of doing the book shelves for the "really needs to be organized" playroom. Don't you love pinterest?? SO addicting!

  3. Aiden's room (and Aiden too) is so cute! Love the green and the froggies. I have to ask, how old is he? Will he be 2 in April? Because my oldest will be 2 in March and I am scared to death of the toddler bed!? How will he ever go to sleep!? HA.
    Also, I am guessing that you live in an older house, like we do, judging by your fireplace and awesome built-in bookshelves. Love it! I think now would be a good time to follow you and for you to come visit my page. If you like it, follow me back! Thanks