Thursday, January 12, 2012

it's ok Thursday

It's ok Thursday

It's ok to love pinterest for dinner ideas.

. The potatoes are what I found on pinterest. Sliced potatoes and put butter in both sides, put on a non stick ungreased pan and put in 400 degree oven for 4o minutes. Put cheese and bacon bites on and put back in oven for cheese to melt. Yummy

It's ok that I'm 25 and just finished my first book that has a movie out before watching the movie.
I finished reading The Help last night, and excited to see the movie sometime soon.

Its ok that it took forever at the doctors for Aiden yesterday because we caught a ear infection early so hoping the ear drops help. 

Its ok that I want to try to make a cake tomorrow, I'm no baker but I am going to try. Here is what I am going to try and attempt. 

Wish me luck. :)

Its ok that I hate paydays, because it always seems like its all gone in a day because of bills, I really hope I get this job. Ready for a good financial year!

It's ok that winter decided to finally show up, but it's not ok that it will only last a few days and then warm up again. This is how I get sick. 

It's ok to be embarrassed that my email got hacked a d everyone in my  contact list got a link  for male enhancements. It sucked. 

It's ok to be ready for the weekend. I am always ready for the weekend.  

What's ok a with you?

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