Tuesday, January 24, 2012

kid friendly apps


My hubby and I played a game of horse with our sons basketball hoop. We suck! We were trying to make insane shots. 


It was a short game but it was fun. Love family time. 

I wanted to share some apps for the I Pad 2 that my son loves. He has his own folder and knows where it is and plays and learns tons. It's amazing how fast he caught on but glad to have kid friendly apps. 

One of his favorites is the PBS one. It's free ( all his apps are free). It has all the shows on there and he enjoys super why and dinosaur train. Both shows are very educational.

Another one, called flash English is just flash cards. He knows to slide his finger over To swich the cards and he repeats the word. It's adorable. 

A funny one is called talking news, which is a dog and cat that repeats everything they hear in a funny voice. Aiden loves it and it makes him laugh all the time. 

The last one I wanted to share is the alphabet song, aiden sings along and I love that he is learning. 

All the apps in the folder are free, check it out if you have a little one and an iPad. It's fun watching them learn.  

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  1. My 4-year old loves the PBS Kids website too! They have movie clips and games--I really like the games!