Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's OK Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

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                                                                       IT'S OK..........
every Wednesday I go to the mall eat Chick fi la, order the same thing, go to old navy and take Aiden to the play area. I like hanging out with other mommies and getting my girl talk on.

that I've been super lazy with dinners this week, just not in the mood to cook.

that I have a super sweet tooth, I want me some chocolate.

That I started making duct tape flower pens again because the extra money would be nice.

that I still have only sold like 6 pairs of jeans since August and all the other jean consultants are selling like tons. I will get a break eventually.

Reuse with craftiness

I love saving money and love crafts, so I found some neat little ideas reusing everyday items. I can't wait to try these.

This is such a cute idea, using left over Christmas paper. I love it and going to make this and add to my Christmas decor.

These are empty soap or lotion bottles, Aiden would have fun with these. Making them and playing with them when he's a little older.

 This is so simple, and think it would be beautiful to look at outside.
I love the colors, and using old tires is perfect.

These cute boxes are diaper boxes, LOVE it. I wish I would have seen this much sooner because now Aidens 18months, I would have had tons of boxes to use. Now I have to wait for the new box.

Sweet tooth
Going to the Bunco Halloween party this month and finally decided I am going to bring cupcakes. Here are the ones I am going to choose from. I am having a crazy sweet tooth.

Those look so cute and so YUMMY!! Excited to get my bake on.

As always got to thank Pinterest for all the awesome pictures and ideas.

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  1. you're a better person then me- i hate crafts, so Leighton will never have any special toys I "made"- lol!