Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trip down memory lane

Crock Pot meal for today is meatloaf. I've never done is in a crock pot but found a recipe on crock pot girls website, so we will see later tonight how it is.

Ashleigh over at Life as I know it asked
Who was your favorite 90's hunk???

I'm going to have to go with JTT, Johnathon Taylor Thomas I had so many posters of him on my wall that you could not see my wall at all. Total crush from the 90's.

MY LOVE, Daniel Miller.
My best friend, My Husband, The father of my child, My rock.

I wanted to share some of the most sweetest romantic moments, My husband is one of the sweetest people I have ever met, he would say shhh, dont say that to loud.
First I want to share this picture of us taken at a fest in Hohenfels Germany, where we met. We are just friends in the picture, but it was the first picture taken of us.

Shortly after this picture was taken we started dating, and we wrote each other love letters I swear almost everyday for awhile there, cause I was in school and he was working. The sweetest thing was that we would choose a song write the lyrics down and write why we chose that song. I still have everything letter today. Having it to read while he was deployed helped.

I worked at the PX, and we had this HUGE bear for sale. It was I believe $120. Something I said I liked but that was it never really thought more about it. One night I call Danny up and say I have a surprise for him and he tells me he has one for me to. I pull out a kinder egg, which is just a chocolate candy with a toy that is popular in Germany and cost like .50, he loves it of course and then he shows me the bear. I could not believe that he had got that amazing bear for me. My kinder egg was really hard to compare. That bear started a collection, and I still have it sitting in  my bedroom today. Love that bear!

I get a text message from Danny that he is outside waiting for me, When I get to the door he was not there, but a deck of rose cards and a letter was. It was a beautiful letter and the cards were beautiful.

Another surprise, which is one of the BEST was when he proposed. Christmas eve 2006, this was a hard time for us because my dad had just died in October that year in Iraq, and Danny never got to ask my dad face to face. We all were at the cemetery and Danny asked my dad for my hand there. It was amazing and a moment in my life I will never forget.

While Danny was deployed, we still got to talk, but one day I got a letter in the mail with a necklace he made from some army cords and his dog tags. I Love it and made me smile everyday!

Who does not love getting flowers just because? Those are the best, I like getting flowers on my birthday and valentines day but getting them out of the blue is such a nice surprise and I got these awesome looking apple flowers one day.

Thank you Danny for all the sweet things you always do.
These are some of my FAVORITE moments because they were surprises, and were just because I love you moments. I love you babe and always will. You and Aiden are the loves of my Life. My boys!! I love looking back at some wonderful memories, and look forward to all the new ones still to come. I LOVE YOU

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