Monday, October 24, 2011

Fun with our phones MONDAY!!

WOW it's been forever since i've got on here, ok just a week but feels like forever. My son ans I were sick, not pretty at all. However I still got pictures on my phone of course.

Love this link up with Savanah.

Finally feeling better, we all went into the back yard and my husband found a app where you can set a timer on the phone camera, so we leaned it against something and took the family photos.

He makes such a cute football.

Love my Boys

Aiden and I went a hung out with a few friends and afterwards took a walk around the museum.

 I really wanted to go to a pumplin patch but the closest one did not have any pumpkins so we just went and bought some.
 Aiden was painting his.
 Picking some out for mommy and daddy.
Helping daddy clean them

mommys carving
daddys carving

All done.

Bunco cupcakes, had a blast a Halloween Bunco.

Happy Monday!!

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  1. I need the name of this self timer app!! Is it on the iPhone?