Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh, how pinteresting Wednesday

Well I feel Like I just have not had the time to blog, but going to do a link up with Michelle over at The vintage apple for Oh, how pinteresting Wednesday!

So My pinterest app has been moody and has not been working for me, so I've not been on as much but here are a few pins from when it was working.

I am going to a a Halloween Bunco party this month and need to bring food, this little set up is cute.

I love this tutu dress, I really hope my next little one is a baby girl.

Love this outfit and really wish I could wear it and pull it off..

I was at the roller derby last week and it was fun hanging out with Christina, however 0 jeans sold, but I got compliments on my duct tape pens so I have been making tons to sell as the expo this weekend, if I don't sell any jeans I have my pens to fall back on. I don't want to feel like I wasted the whole day so having more to offer will help. Here's what I have made so far. I am not a OU or OSU fan (Go Buckeyes) however I live in Oklahoma, got to make what will sell. 
I'm even going to take orders, and ship them to those who live away, it should be fun.

My Hubby made me a stand for them, Thanks babe.

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