Monday, October 17, 2011

Fun with our phones MONDAY!!

Two of my sisters came up on Thursday to hang out for the weekend, it's nice living closer to home because of these visits. On Friday we went to hobby lobby to get the things we needed to make a tutu. This will be my first attempt but if it turned out good it was going to be my nieces birthday dress.
Hers is the end result being modeled by the birthday girl. I LOVE my phone Because it's all I ever use to get photos and I edit them on the phone it's so easy.

Also my sisters watched Aiden while my hubby and I went out to Kobe for a dinner date, it had been over 2 years, it was needed, and hope to have more.

Saturday was the Vendor Event I signed up for, I sold 1 pair of jeans and got a few contacts. However I met a awesome group of ladies. I did sell some of my pens and got a order to make 11, I need to get those done.

 While at the expo, I got the onesie I asked a friend to make. I think for Halloween this year Aiden will be the football and Danny and I will be the football players.
Sunday: My sisters were leaving and we were planning on going to the pumpkin patch. After my sisters left we headed towards the pumpkin patch and Aiden got really sick. We had to pull over and strip him down and remove the car seat cover. Once we get home he takes a nap and seems to be all better so we attemot the trip again. we make it more then halfway there and he got sick again, back home we went. Finally after 4 hours of keeping nothing down we decided to go to the ER, waited for 4 hours for them to come out into the waiting room and say it will be another 4-6 hour wait. So we headed home. This morning he is doing much better, but still trying to get him in the a doctor.

My sweet friend Ashleigh  left this at our door for Aiden. Made Aiden Smile!!


  1. We LOVE yall!!! And i hate seeing babies be sick :-( freeze those pedia-pops-- he will love them!!!!

  2. Those pens are amazing! I hope your little one has recovered now, that's terrible that you couldn't get to see a doctor.
    That tutu dress is absolutely adorable, and I love your Halloween costumes idea!

  3. Oh wow the tutus came out soooo cute!!! Love the colors!!!

    So sad to see babies sick! Right now my little man is getting over some sort of ear/ throat infection, so sad!

    The card is such a cute thought!!!