Friday, October 7, 2011

Finally Friday

I love having my hubby home, it's a four day weekend. First I want to say congrats to my hubby for passing  his class, he can now be a instructor, proud of you babe! Yesterday I made the chicken and dumplings in the crock pot, it was good, just think the next time I may make the dumplings by hand or buy different biscuits. I guess I got the biscuits with the butter, it had a funky taste. Aiden is so cute when he gets something new to eat in front of him, he makes these faces, like ew I'm not eating that and then takes a super small bite to taste it (something I do) and realizes it's not so bad and takes huge bites from then on.

Today I am making chicken in salsa and corn to top rice with, its smells so good, can't wait to taste it.

Yesterday Ashleigh and I took out kiddos to the mall to wear them out, and had cupcakes afterwards. Aiden loved it and was knocked out in the car within minutes. Aiden was so hyper and was running and yelling at the play place in the mall.

 This is such a cute picture of the two little ones, They both enjoyed their cupcakes.
Aiden had Vanilla Vanilla with an animal cookie on top, YUM
I love the icing that they use.

Once we got home I just carried him into bed and he took a nice long nap, yay for mommy time.  (cleaning and blogging)

Aiden gives me such joy, I love him so much. I love EVERYTHING about him, time is flying by, he is such a big boy now. I got him saying his new word Bubble, and it's cute cause when bubble guppies comes on he says it over and over, He's singing the theme song his own way.

Well I have had my Jeans since Tuesday and not one person has called, text or messaged me to see them, it's so irritating and sad when I love the concept of the company I work for, but can't seem to do well in it. I'm not giving up, just need a good month. I have the roller derby booth on Sunday so we shall see how that goes. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Love my Boys!!

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  1. Congrats to Danny! We miss y'all this weekend! Have a good one!