Monday, October 31, 2011

Fun with our phones MONDAY, Halloween weekend.

Hello New followers. Loved the followers fest idea, found tons of new blogs to read. Hope you all enjoy my blog. A little about me: My name is Julia, I have a 18 month old son named Aiden, you will see tons of pictures of him, he's my little fire cracker. I am married to my amazing husband Danny for going on 5 years, been together for 8, he's my rock. I'm just a army wife/mommy that wants to blog about my world. Hope you enjoy.

Starting the week off with this fun link up with Savannah and Erin. One of my favorite link ups.

 This weekend was full of fun. On Friday we went to a small birthday party for my friends son Noah who turned the big "1".  The kiddos dressed up because afterwards we all headed to a Halloween trail. One trail was scary and the other not so much. Had to be older then 13 to get into the scary one, so Aiden was a tad young,12 years to young (happy about this because I was not really up for getting scared, I'm a baby). Ashleigh over at Life as I know it was there with her family and they dressed up as The Flintstones, they were so cute!! If you get the chance you should go over to her blog, I'm sure she will have some cute pictures of their costumes.We had some yummy pizza, nachos and cupcakes at the party. Tiffanie (Noah's mama) had such a cute theme going on.So I totally use my phone instead of my camera, kind of sad because we have a decent camera.
OK, I'll  show some pictures now.

My little lion before we headed to the party. He was so bummed about wearing the costume, but finally got use to wearing it.

Took him outside to play, made it forget about the costume.

Happy lion.

Loved the pizza.

Ready for the trails, it was cold.

This was along the not scary trail, got to love Pooh Bear.

Saturday we were invited to a Halloween Party. We went and hung out, ate some good food. Did our first trunk or treat, which was neat. Found a neat snack for Halloween on pinterest, deviled eggs with black olives on top to look like spiders. Turned out cute, and then we left some with just a whole olive because I thought it kind of looked like an eye.
Passing out candy.

Gathering candy for mommy and daddy. We let him have a few chocolate pieces, but most candies I wont let him it. I'm such a meanie.

Both parties were tons of fun, ended the day relaxing and catching up on TV shows with my hubby.


  1. Looks like fun! And I love reading normal peoples blogs about their everyday life.

  2. Such a cute lion! My son was a lion for his first Halloween - I made a little brown nose and whiskers with my eyeliner, haha! Little lions are definitely the cutest!

  3. Hi Julia! I'm with you on the KitKats with the comment on my blog. They're my very favorite!!

    Your little one is JUST beautiful!! Glad you're having fun with him!!



  4. oh my! What a cute lion costume!!!

  5. i love reading your blog.. it makes me feel like we're not all that far apart.. prolly why i dont call as much. lol im bad.. but for real.. michael and i agreed tonight while eating brats for dinner "wish the millers were still here" but i guess until we are neighbors friend, we cant stop missing ya'll ;)
    Mrs. Farrington