Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween FUN

My friend Ashley in WA state, has been doing some crafts with her kiddo's and I wanted to do a blog for some more simple easy crafts you can do. Have FUN!

1: Basic Materials: Terra-cotta pots, paint, chenille stems, felt

2: Juice Box Mummy What you will need: Empty juice boxes, rice, sandwich bag, tape, construction paper, tape, wiggle eyes

3:Paper Plate Ghost, You will need Paper plate, streamers, construction paper, markers, yarn

4:  Plastic Lid Pumpkins, You need Orange plastic lids, permanent marker, craft foam

5: Monster Light Jug: You need Milk jug, paint, felt, glue, acrylic sealer

There are tons more, I found these at Kaboose. Click here for the full instructions on any of these crafts.

Crock pot Meals of the week 

Yesterday I cooked baby back ribs in Danny's homemade BBQ. Fall off the bone goodness.

Today I am making Chicken Dumplings. YUM!!!

Aiden had his friend Leighton over yesterday for a few, they are to cute. They were saying Hi to each other through the door.

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