Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Fun

Long ago my husband and I always slept in for the weekends; sometimes we would not even get out of bed. The whole house would stay dark, order take out, and watch some kind of movie serious. The last one i remember is the Indiana Jones movies. It was fun having a lazy day. Since having our son, we never sleep past 8:30, and every blue moon we get a 9:00 am wake up. Now we are always up, and we usually our out about soon after waking up. Sometimes I feel it’s just us awake, because we always end up being at places before they open.  Anyways this weekend was nice, woke up early as always, and headed out. Our first stop was this textbook place that says they buy and sell textbooks, but they would not buy mine because they are old. Damn those new editions.  2nd place we stopped at was sassy seconds, but I never really do well in consignments for my size, and think why pay $40.00 for a pair of jeans that are used when I can get them new for a little more. I do much better in baby consignments, because I think they have reasonable prices, and it I know it’s ok to pay $4.00 for a jacket because my son will probably out grow it within the mouth, and I saved money compared to the same $25.00 jacket new.  Third stop was a shoe store, o how I love shoes. I could shoe shop for hours. Found a nice pair for Aiden for only $10.00, I love sales as well. And our last stop was ROSS, which is another place I could spend hours. I found 2 Ohio state jerseys for only $3.99. REALLY!!! The benefits to being a out of state fan are paying off.

Went to my first roller derby Saturday night with my new friend Ashleigh, It was tons of fun, at first I was lost on how the hell they were scoring, but finally figured it out.  I got a tank top so the next time I go I will be proudly supporting our local girls the 580 Rollergirls!!!  The only reason I even know about the derby is because one of the moms in the meet up group is on the team, so she had two new cheerleaders for her.
Here’s their website if you’re interested in the team:
I am thinking maybe for the next met talk to someone about setting up a booth for the jeans I sell. These girls could rock these jeans!

When I got home last night it was so cute because my son and his daddy were just chillin on the couch, they had gone a had ice cream together, I love thinking of them hanging out, being just the boys.

Sunday are the days we are mostly lazy but at the same time get things around the house done. Today we replaced the carpet on the back door step, it looks good. Made some grill cheese on French bread, it was yummy! Thinking about setting up the pool in the yard for Aiden to swim, it’s been awhile.
yummy grilled cheese

Have a busy week ahead of me, but look forward to it. Thinking maybe writing a blog just about the company I work for and give people the link to read and see what it is all about. Maybe??

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