Saturday, August 27, 2011

Little Project

I love projects big or small, and every once in awhile me and my husband just get up and go go go. We have this small area we can see from that backdoor, and it just really needed a makeover. We headed over to home depot and this was out third stop, my husband wanted a certain kind of rock and the other places were out. We got pea gravel rocks, a pot, a plant, and pink chalkboard paint. It's not a huge dramatic difference but it works.

While we were at home depot, I realized that the FREE paint samples could be a good use for teaching aiden colors, so I took the cute mickey mouse ones, just got myself free color flash cards.

We had extra rock for my husband pulled the dead plants from the front and laid  the rocks, once I get some potted plants there I will post pictures.

We found a few red dots on Aiden last night and have come to the conclusion that they are some type of bites, and likely mosquito's since he was out with us last night helping with our little project.

This morning we went to a gun show here in Lawton, my husband may be buying me one just so I feel a little for secure at night, if he's not home, not that the security system does not help. I also think it will be fun for him to teach me how to use one since I have never held a gun other then his shotgun until today. It feels strange, because I never thought I would ever have to use it, but these days you can never  be to safe. Here;s few few that we are looking at.

We are going to go to a shooting range so I can it a feel for them, that day will be interesting.

My pinterest Finds

I'm going to do this once I find a chair. This is a good excuse to go to the flea market.

I love this simple laid back look and the colors.

I think I have the room to do this.

so cute and easy!!

There is this furniture store that closing so we went to look at prices, and got side tracked by the love seat recliner that rocks.


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