Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cheetos and Dr.pepper Break!

Moving here to Lawton will be our 2nd military move together, and it’s so different from our first. This time around we did everything together, and it was nice. The first time around we lived together for 3 months and then he deployed so I went home, and I moved back to Washington at the end of his tour and we lived together for a year and just like that the year was over and he was leaving for his 2nd tour. Again I went home, but this time I was pregnant.  Had my son in Texas and when he was four months old did the same thing I did two years earlier, moved back to Washington.  So it is easy to say that I just like many other army wives learn to do things without their husbands. Since I finally have him home, and it will be a year in September,  I am hoping that having him home for longer than a year will help the anxiety problems that I have, since that fear of losing him is not stuck in my head. For those of you that currently have a loved one deployedit’s AMZING! , it will end and they will be home, and I swear that the welcome home ceremony is the best day ever! Hang in there!  Since the last four years were so crazy it was hard to find friends, I was able to make 2 friends that I love and will never forget. We may not be close to each other anymore, but got to love phones and Skype baby!!! Miss you Ashley and Gloria! This time around I told myself I would not wait forever to get out there and meet people, and I’ve jumped right in, and can’t wait to get to know the ladies I have met and become great friends.

Good Times.
So I should be cleaning while Aiden is napping, but I started reading Bossy Pants finally, and it’s funny, I need to finish it by next week, because I will be going to my first book club meeting. Me in a book club never thought I would see the day. Also enjoying a tuna sandwich, cheetos and a Dr.Pepper all while I watch ICarly. I find them funny.  I NEED TO CLEAN! Once Aiden is awake it will never get done. Then again, it is nice to have a hour or so to myself.

Random thought: I hate that all my bushes in my front yard are dead and Im thinking about doing Zumba again. YAY

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  1. I want to try zumba! I'm glad we met! looking forward to being great friends!