Friday, August 19, 2011

Things that I just find funny.

The things that seem to irritate me are also funny if you think it, or just does not make any sense.

My son is my world but sometimes I just don’t understand why things are the way they are.
For example:

He has every day for the past 16 months gotten his diaper changed many times a day, wh is it harder? Should be easy, and I should be a pro at it, and I’m not. Please just let me change your diaper in peace and keep it clean. No poopy hands.

He has been in a car seat almost every day for the past 16months and he just won’t have it anymore, if they just knew that its safe, and i think comfortable. Every time we travel  I look back and always say I’m jealous of him cause he looks so comfy.

O the Joys of Motherhood. I also love how one minute he is the happiest baby you have ever seen and the next minute you need to run because he's a tornado. No matter how many books I read or articles i read about babies it will always be different. Each one of our little ones will do things the way they want.

Last night Nancy Grace on HLN did a short tribute for my dad, it was nice seeing him being honored for so many to see. I miss him so much!

I am so excited to be a part of this new company selling designer jeans, now I just need to book some parties. I hope starting this new business in a new city does not bite me in the ass, really need to start meeting more people. When my hubby gets off work today we are going to drive around and give my business cards to some of the salons in the area. Fingers crossed for a good turn out on that. I also think my jean journey will lead me to some future friends so that’s exciting as well.  Even though I have started this, I think I could still work on crafts, never know who may like them.

These were fun to make with Ashley, good times.


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