Monday, August 22, 2011

O Monday!

Worked on this last night, gonna print and use as flyers.

The weekends always go by so fast, but I have a pretty decent week ahead of me. This morning I met up with three wonderful ladies and did Zumba in the gym with the kiddos. It was fun, and nice having Aiden join me, he was either stuffing his face him yummy snacks watching mommy sweat like crazy, or he was on the floor dancing with me. It was cute!  Afterwards I sat around a chatted for a bit with the other mommies and I found myself laughing quite a bit, it was great! So Zumba Monday, Wed, and Fridays, Lets see if I can start slowing taking off some of this weight that has just been hanging out for too long.
I'm glad I did get up and go this morning, because at first I was not feeling it. Aiden and I were both cranky!  

On wed going to the mall to hang out with Ashleigh and some from the moms group. Aiden like the small play area they have there. Thurs going to do morning coffee with some from the moms group, and on Saturday going to my first book club meeting so that should be interesting, and Sunday having a BBQ with the Bower’s all while enjoying some football.
For some reason I really wish I had a Dr.pepper, sounds so good!!

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