Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Target Tuesday Link Up

Yay for this link up because I LOVE TARGET.

No Target where I live, but go every time I get a chance, or happen to be in Texas.

Really like this and think it would look good in the kitchen under my chalk board.

Aiden loves these still and he's 16 months old, I like them cause he's getting some type of veggie.

                          Think this might be the next toy we get Aiden, looks like he would enjoy it.

                                       I don't really care where I get this, I just REALLY what one.

Monday Zumba, Tuesday Zumba, Thursday Stroller stride, and Friday Zumba!! I hope to see my weight drop from all this workouts. They are fun, and today aiden joined me in our stretch. He's a dork just like me.

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