Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oklahoma bound in 6 days.

Oklahoma bound in 6 days. Packers did a little packing on Friday, but will finish tomorrow. They will put on the truck on Tuesday, and I hope we still make it to Oklahoma before the driver, but he does have a four day head start so we will see.  I have had the worst headache now for three days and it sucks, I don’t think it will get much better since my stress level from this move rises. I am really worried about the drive with Aiden; I don’t think he is going to enjoy that car seat for 36 hours. Danny and I have started on some cleaning, did the outside on Saturday, did the refrigerator and behind the stove today. That was my weekend, sounds great right? Well I am heading to bed early going to be another long day tomorrow.
Seeing Boxes makes it a bit more real.

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  1. Moving is stressful. I am already stressed and the movers aren't even here. It will get better once you get there and you get settled. :-( sorry your having horrible headaches they really suck especially when there is nothing that can help them. I hope you get better and that is a long car ride for a baby you'll just have to stop more often. I am going to be in your shoes here in another month and it sucks cause I am not looking foward to moving and having to drive :-( get better soon and it soon it will be all over! Love u!