Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can't sleep

I feel that my mind never shuts down, I am always thinking about something. I sometimes wish I could just shut my brain down for a few minutes. Tonight I just cannot seem to fall asleep, but I'm tired. Nights like this suck. Anyways I mailed out our house and pet deposit, man how I wish I could just go shopping with that money. Most money seems to go to bills these days.

Today it rained all day, hopefully it will be dry for a few we need out outdoor things to dry before packers come. Aiden was entertaining today like he is everyday. He was in the mood to climb it seemed. I noticed that his routine has changed. I would have him in a nap and bedtime the same time everynight but now he fights me on it and he wins. Traveling next week is going to make it even harder to get him back On track, but I guess we will see. Blogging from my PhOne makes my eyes hurt, so I'm off. Night world.

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