Tuesday, June 7, 2011

May 15th to May 25 Oklahoma

May 15 - Packers came and packed up most of the house but because it was a Friday we had to wait till Monday to have them finish.
May 17th- Today the movers came to load everything into the truck. The movers took things out of a room so I could have Aiden nap in one. It helped a lot, and would recommend that when you are moving and have a napper, to ask them to empty one room first so you have that space for your little one. When I went outside to look at the truck there were 3 trucks. It's moving season again.

May 18-20 - Danny was clearing all his army stuff and we were cleaning out empty home. Cleaning a empty house sucks. I was so worried that we would have to pay something, and it was hard to clean with my 13 month old wanting to cling to me every minute. I think he could feel my stress, poor thing. Inspection came and we passed, and even made money in the process, it was nice. Afterwards we ran some errands and hung out with out great neighbors and had one last dinner with them. Really going to miss the Farringtons. \

Aiden and Declan when they 1st met and the last day they saw each other.
May 20- After dinner with the Farringtons we decided to stay at a hotel to rest up before the 30 hour trip to Oklahoma.

May 21- Woke up early and was ready for our trip. Our goal was to get at least 10 hours a day and no longer so Aiden would not flip out. Aiden did amazing on out first day. Slept a lot, and when we was up and had a few snacks. That was one thing I worried about was food, I did not want to just feed him every time he cried. He had his 3 meals a day like normal which is what i think helped on the snacking. His snack of choice was strawberries, I think because it cooled him down. It was getting Hot! I also packed toys, probably to many but I was over prepared. We stopped around 6:00 pm and stayed at the La Quinta in Twin Falls ID. Very nice hotel, we usually go with La Quintas because they take dogs and there is no pet fee.

May 22- Another early morning for us, but not a very good day on the road. We were able to do 11 hours today but Aidens molars are coming in and it made him cranky. Aiden really did not want to be in his carseat today either, there was a lot of crying. We stopped in Denver CO, and again stayed at a La Qunita. We had a ruby Tuesday right next door so it was a nice dinner. Aiden enjoyed the mac n cheese.

May 23- 10 hours to go and we will finally be HOME. Aiden did much better today in the car he had his first dairy queen ice cream, he loved it and fell right to sleep afterwards. We were about 3 hours away and I decided to drive it and wish I did not. The whole trip we have perfect weather and go figure that last 3 hours and it stormed. The wind was insane, and later found out this storm was one of the storms that cause all those horrible tornados. We finally made it to our new home and met up with our landlord. We loved the house, it’s beautiful, and it’s ours…..lol well for a year at a time. The moving truck was at Fort Sill 3 hours before us and they did not want to wait for us and put our things in storage, which sucked.  Our first night was relaxing, I was just happy to be out of the car.

May 24- Today we brought our lease to the housing office and the lady at the desk still tried to talk us  out of the house because of the area being bad. REALLY?????    I  just handed you a signed lease, not like I can call my landlords and say never mind, can I have a money back.  She did however give me a good website.  www.crimereports.com it shows you all the crime near you and even emails you when a crime has happened within  5 miles of your home, and it tells you the type of crimes and shoes you where the sex offenders live with a picture. If you have an I phone they have an app as well.  After we got done talking to the housing lady we went to the transportation office because I could not get a hold of the moving company so they did for me. We won’t get out furniture until the 1st now. I was very irritated, but good thing I have family that leaves less than five hours away. 
we have a swing on one of our trees in the yard.

having fun at the laundry mat

May 25: Today all we did was wait all day for the handy man to come by to start fixing a few things, and we ended up giving him a house key and we left for Texas. We got to my mom’s house around 11, and they were surprised. I was really happy to be home, it had been 8 months since I seen them and I am a big family person. Staying at my mom’s until the 30th and we will head back to Oklahoma to meet up with the packers.

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