Saturday, May 7, 2011

14 Days

Rain, Rain and some more Rain here in Washington. Guess I should just take it in since Oklahoma doesnot nearly get the same amount. I was going through pictures and came across this one I took when we went to see Mt. Rainier

Only two more weeks until we head out to Oklahoma. I feel like I should be busy, but I’m not.
All dates are set:

  • Housing coming out to fix things on Monday
  • Danny picks up clearing papers on Thursday.
  • Packers start packing up on Friday, and Monday and put in truck on Tuesday
  • Monday fence comes down (no idea what we are going do with the dogs.
  • clean & clean on Wednesday and Thursday
  • Final inspection on Friday, and internet gets turned off and we have to return the modem.
OK so I guess I just need to relax, because come Friday its BUSY BUSY!!!

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