Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day
My Mommy & Me at my Wedding

Today was actually nice out, no rain.  I played outside with Danny and Aiden, over in Ashley’s backyard. I am going to miss that lady. Our Husbands went to basic together and came to the same unit, been friends now for about 3 years. The craziest thing is I moved on base and a month later she did and we became neighbors. This is a plus side to the Army life, the people you meet. The down side of course is we all know at some point the army is going to move us. We were pregnant together while our hubbys were on their second tour, so our little boys will be separated, but I know we will stay in contact, I am still in contact with my neighbor from the first tour, so I know I’m pretty good at it.  Well I hope everyone has had a good mother’s day.  13 Days till we are off to Oklahoma.

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