Thursday, May 24, 2012

Long Weekend

Today is my Friday, once my husband gets home from a ceremony he are headed to Texas to see my baby sister Nina graduate, very proud of her. Going to have some BBQ and hopefully hit the lake while we are there and go see my dad.

Being proud of Nina made me realize, my family is in a good place. Even with all the crap that’s happen in the past 6 years, it seems it’s finally getting better. Slowly, but who cares how long it takes as long as we are going forward. My mom is sick less, she sounded so good on the phone. Nina graduating high school Melissa took a huge step and moved away for a little while knowing it was going to be hard with 2 kids and she is doing it, very proud of her as well, soon she will be a nurse. I have 3 sisters and its nice seeing the baby ones all grown up. Laura and I have jobs so that's our plus. Love you guys and keep moving forward no matter the speed, we are moving in the right direction.

Pic from last year of us girls

The next good thing will be my mom’s house being sold, that will be a good day.
I am also very excited about the summer inventory we have with vault denim. We have some super cute Bermuda shorts; I can't wait to try them on Monday. Excited for the t-ball jean party, Hope my friend hosting gets some free jeans!!!

Hope you all have a great Memorial Weekend.

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