Monday, May 14, 2012

80's Bash & Mother's Day

This weekend was amazing, had a great time with my boys and some friends. We through one of my friends a 80'S Birthday Bash. We jammed to the music, dressed up in the style and rocked it out. What better way to show everyone by linking up for Phone Photo Fun Mondays.

My hubby started off  smoking ribs Saturday morning, and while Aiden napped I headed to a simply tasteful party, yummy food, we all got pretty roses from the lovely host Tiffany, such a sweetie.

Once we were all done stuffing our faces, and its sad but I think I ate all the beer bread all my myself, that stuff was so good. Everyone headed home to get ready for the Birthday Party. I will let the Photos show the fun we had. It was truly a great night.

                                                                   Birthday Girl

Those are just the few that I took from my phone, I LOVE MY IPHONE.
 Can't go wrong having a 80's Bash.

Mother's Day

I woke up to a box and and love note.
My Boys gave me a custom mad candle that has all different kinds of symbols and meanings.
Love it.

Spent the day out with my boys. Lunch, went and saw prairie dogs, played at the park, and sat by the small lake/pond.

It was a beautiful day. Hope all your Moms had a great day!

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  1. Looks like you had tons of fun... 80's parties are so rad.