Saturday, May 12, 2012


Have you seen the cover of Time magazine??


When I see this, all I see is a magazine trying to sell TONS of magazines. The inside has better pictures of this mom BF her kiddo.  They had to choose the picture that stir things up of course. 

This picture did remind me though of Aiden, I BF until he was 20 months and only because I had trouble weaning, and still till this day he wont drink any other milk, so now he gets lots of yogurt and cheese.  Anyways he would stand up and I hated it, I would try to lay him back down because to me I felt like I was BF a big kid. This is just my personal opinion, kuddos to those who can BF there little ones standing, It just weirded me out.

I really don't like the tittle... What do you all think?

I got this from a friends facebook, and I love it.
Its so true and how I look at things, I NEVER judge!!!! Even being a breastfeeding peer counselor, if you do you do, if you don't you don't, its YOUR decision. My job is just to be support if you need it. Everyone does things the way they want, who are we to judge?

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend and great Mothers Day.

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  1. Couldn't have said it better myself!!!!!