Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One year ago today I started blogging.

A year ago today my house in Washington state was all packed up, we were 11 days away from moving to Lawton, Oklahoma. Its been an very interesting year. It's truly amazing how much can happen in a year.



Aiden's now walking, talking, throwing fits, jumping on trampolines, dancing and my favorite new thing is him saying I love you all own his own.


Had all day to spend with Aiden, no job and no friends that lived near me.

I have great friends that I heart and a Job that helps give us a little extra.


I had no idea what link ups where and what Pinterest was, I can thank my friend Ashleigh for hooking me up with the things that go on around the blog world. I would not have found most of the blogs I follow. Thank you Ashleigh.

Life As I Know It

I started blogging to share things about my area, and share my life as a mom, army wife, friend, sister, daughter, and women. I love blogging because its something I can look back at and see what was going on in my life at a certain point.

Thank you awesome followers who read about my small world.

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  1. Yep, what a difference a year makes! Happy one year blogging birthday!