Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekend fun and Americas got talent.

Summer has officially started!! Look forward to the heat and playing outside as much as we can. Last week we went to Texas and saw my baby sister graduate and while there we went to the lake and Aiden loved it. I had a moment where I was sad. The last time we were at the late my little ma was just a baby, this year he walked beside me, and was helping us build sand castles. Its crazy how time flys. Also while in Texas we went and saw my dad.

It was a fun weekend.

Does anyone ever get stuck when it comes to blogging? Ive been a little out of it because I feel my life has fallen into a routine and I don't have anything new to share. I'm just in a rut I guess. Have any advice, please share.

Does anyone watch America's got Talent? Last night was a pretty god episode, way to go Austin. Missed it?

Here is LuLu, I give her kudos for being comfortable in her body, and she went for it!!

Here is Tim Poe, has a amazing story!

and lastly here us Joe Castillo, loved his talent!!!


  1. aw, this weekend sounds like so much fun! and what beautiful photos!
    xo TJ

  2. I find myself in a blog rut all too often. It has helped that if I ever get an idea for a post I try to save the idea in my phone wherever I may be at the moment. I also use link-ups in place of blog posts. But that just depends on what kinds of posts you like for your blog. And there are sometimes, I just take a break!

  3. Do a few link-ups! And check Pinterest for some sparks maybe. I also jot down random ideas on my phone to develop later.