Wednesday, July 4, 2012

RED, WHITE and YOU Followers Fest

Hello everyone, My name is Julia you can click here to read a little about me. Thank you for stopping by.

Forth of July : Independence Day

This is my Favorite day growing up, and sill is today. The carnivals, BBQ's,  (really miss my dads cooking)swimming, fireworks, hanging with friends and family. I love making food that goes with the holiday, so today I want to share what I will be making for the BBQ, Pool party we will be going to, very excited about cooling off, its been crazy hot here in Oklahoma.

For the kids I made the cute fruit kabobs into a flag that I found on pinterest of course.

Just made the flag fruit kabobs.Thanks for the idea once again pinterest.

Super cute right??

Also going to attempt to make white chocolate fudge, adding some red and blue coloring into it. Pictures to come once I've finished.

This is something I would love to wear today.

Crafts for the kiddos.

Since my little man is 2 I try looking for fun easy and of course messy crafts for him. Going to have him do some finger painting, which he enjoys. Going to try and make a flag, wish me luck.... hoping it will come out looking as good as this.

Red, White and Blue

Image from pinterest,codes dont seem to work for me. If you can help me with this please let me know. It's been driving me nuts.

Thanks for reading, Have a safe and fun 4th.

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  1. Thank you so much for what you and your hubby do for this country! Hope you had an amazing day.