Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I'm Loving

What I'm Loving

Today I'm loving that the company I work for Vault Denim gives away so much. I really want to go to the convention in Vegas this year, I sadly had to miss last year. If I can host 5 parties in August I have a chance to win a free flight there.

What's Vault Denim???

Would you like to host a online party for me??

Help me get a chance to go to the convention in Vegas this  year??

Leave me a comment if you do and Ill contact you.

I'm loving that I have a sofa in our den now, and loving the new spongebob toy box.


I'm loving my boys.


I'm loving that we found a place that sells an amazing jagerschnitzel

Photo: Yummy jagerschnitzel. This this was HUGE.

I was in heaven.

What are you LOVING this week?

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