Sunday, June 17, 2012

Phone Photo Fun Monday, Fathers Day Weekend.

Felt like a long weekend but I am still so tired. I feel like if no one woke me up I could sleep for days.On Thursday I was off and my Hubby was off because we were going to be in OKC for a conference I had to be in on Friday. We took advantage of being in the city for the day so we took Aiden to the Zoo. Only thing that sucked was it closed at 5 and we got there at 3, we did get to see lots but it was a bit rushed and it was really hot. Aiden LOVED it, and I loved seeing him be so happy and into it. Knowing the animals and the sounds, it was fun watching him light up. The best part was the tigers, they had 6 tiger cubs about to be one in July in the same habitat, and they were full of life, playing with each other. Once we left the zoo we headed to the hotel, that was covered by the job, it was a very nice hotel, loved the bed, even if I was sleeping super close the the end because my 2 year old can take the whole thing up. We will be going again at the end of the month for a marriage retreat, it will be a nice relaxing 3 days I look forward to. 

Hope everyone had a good Fathers Day, we just hung out around the house, and Danny made some good BBQ ribs, and salmon. Aiden an I made Danny the DAD photo idea I saw on pinterest for his desk. Here are some photos from the phone over the weekend. Hope you all have a great Monday

Listening to Dr. Mom at the conference.

Happy Father's Day

My boys

Got a few highlights and a cut.

Love that it feels lighter.

Got the hubs to join in.

This was much cheaper then a sand box, and we got a tarp for only $3 to cover it. Aiden loves it.

Aiden got his 1st haircut... no tears from my big boy.


  1. Cute haircuts! Both you and little A!

  2. I love the idea of a kiddie pool as a sandbox! What a brilliant idea! I am already thinking about ideas for birthday parties (I like to have a plan WAY in advance). I think this would be cute to do a construction party. You could get shovels and just let the kids go to town. We don't have a sandbox so this would work.


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