Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Family Retreat at Great Wolf Lodge.

The Army life has its pros and cons, but when it comes to things they give you to help your family, they care. Danny and I went to a marriage retreat in Washington a couple years ago and I loved it. I learned tons about my husband and ways to help our marriage. Even though we just went for the free trip to an amazing lodge in the mountains, we took away a lot. This past weekend, we went on a family strong bonds retreat to Grapevine, Texas. We stayed two nights and 3 days at Great Wolf lodge. Room and food all paid for, and in return we attended classes to help strengthen our family.
Aiden Waiting for Daddy to get home to leave for the weeked.

Day 1:

Check in was at 4:00. We checked into our room, and headed to the conference room where the classes took place. They provided free childcare in the rooms right across the hall. Sat in class for 2 hours and then we were done for the night. While in class we had to make a name tag for our family and my hubby went with MILLERTIME and we decorated it. We won 2nd place ($40 to Logan's steakhouse) for our creativity. We headed to the Moose Caboose Buffet restaurant that's in the lodge for dinner, where they gave Aiden wolf ears, how cute right? After Dinner we headed to the indoor water park which looks awesome!! We were in the small kid pool for about 10 minutes when my husband decided to take Aiden down the little slide, He ended up falling and cutting up his knees. Needless to say he was unable to continue swiming for the rest of the night.
Day 2: Up early, enjoyed the breakfast buffet, took Aiden to the childcare and off to class we went. We learned some great tips about family building. Classes ended around 2:00 and my husband was having back pain all day and by the time we got to our room, he could barely walk. A quick trip to the ER and some fun meds later we were back at the lodge, enjoying dinner, the tree lighting ceremony and the water park again. We even hit the arcade and Aiden won some fun toys and candy.

Day 3: Once again up early and enjoyed some breakfast, then off to class. Classes ended at 12:00 to give us time to explore the lodge more and the town before we headed home. Went to an amazing mall and my hubby went to a magic shop. It was a fun yet exhausting weekend.

If you have kids who can enjoy a water park this lodge is AMAZING!!!
I Love my boys!


  1. Sounds like a pretty awesome retreat! Looks like y'all had a great time despite hubby having a few set backs! It didn't stop him for long! hehe! You look great too btw!

  2. We love marriage retreats! The Army should make them mandatory for everyone, at least once!

    Oh BTW, I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check it out!


  3. thanks for this post, we are going on our first marriage retreat tomorrow at great wolf lodge , i love that place