Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby #2

Can't believe we are having another baby.

 I am 14 weeks pregnant, even when you are trying its still shocking when it becomes real. I'm excited and scared at the same time. How in the world will I raise 2 kiddos, time will tell I assume. We found out we were preggo in July, and all my family and friends are very happy and excited as well. I was not blogging when I was pregnant with my first, so it should be fun sharing the craziness.

I seem to be doing a lot of comparing. With Aiden my morning sickness was insane and ended up loosing a lot of weight, this time around I just feel sick, not actually getting sick. I kept counting the days until the first trimester was over thinking my sick feeling will go away. Not a chance!! I am actually getting sick now that I'm 13 weeks, Not fair :( .

The nest part about this pregnancy will be that my husband will be home, he missed the whole thing with Aiden and missed the birth by a few days. No deployment in the future so my hopes of him being here the whole time are very high. I"m just happy to be able to share the experience it with my boys.

The next big news will be finding out the sex, I wish I was able to wait and make it a surprise, but them I wont be able to truly shop and I LOVE shopping for baby things.

I think it will be a boy and my husband think its a girl, we hope to find out by the end of October. Can't wait.


  1. Aww congratulations!! Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy. :)

  2. So exciting- congratulations!!!!!!!