Friday, October 26, 2012

Dear Daddy

Dear, Daddy

Its that day again, the one where in your words would have been "my time". Today marks 6 years since we last saw you, since an IED (Improvised explosive devise) took your life. You are on my mind every single day of the year, but on this day, I hate thinking about it. I like all the other days because I just think your  in the field or just still in Iraq, which I know after six years can't be healthily but it works for me. I wish we could just skip the 26th of October every year, since I think of you all the time and all good memories but this day does not bring ANY good ones. I hate today! Wish you were home, would love to know how things would have been, but I know God had a plan in his decision it's just hard on this day to understand what and why.
       I hope you look down on us and get a good laugh, you have 5 crazy grand kids that are very entertaining, and # 6 is on the way. I laugh thinking about how Me, Laura and Melissa all have 2 kids, guess Nina will take after you and mommy and have 4, just joking Nina. I hope you are proud of the McGinnis bunch, we have had more hard days then goods in the past 6, but the good out shine the bad. Mommy got a new Doctor and it looks like this one actually cares and wont hold your death over her head and truly look and see what is causing the pain she has, Laura works her butt off, and is amazing mother as well and Melissa, who also in my book has the worst luck of all of us but seems to manage and despite all the bumps she had to jump finished school and is now a nurse of some sort. Nina just retook a stupid test they have to pass in Texas, and is either going to school or working real soon, also her dog had 7 puppies that for a few days she had to care for, must have been fun having 7 kids to tend to. Danny has decided to not stay in the Army, so we have a brand new adventure to look forward to soon, being an army brat all my life the thought is a bit scary but I'm sure we will fit right in as civilians. We all really miss you!!! Since I'm pregnant my hormones this time around are insane and I cry all the time, so making my letter to you short so I don't break the lap top, :) .

Love you always,

your daughter Julia

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  1. Oh my, I have no words. I am so sorry for what your family has been through. This was beautifully written. Take care and be kind to yourself. I hope all your tomorrows are easier. xo