Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy that summer is over.

How was your summer?  I am happy that fall is right around the corner.

The only reason it felt like summer was because of the heat. I miss being in school and having the summer off, but here's a small recap.

 My hubby and I both worked pretty much all summer but we had the weekends and it included some BBQ's and swimming at the lake, we went to Texas to see some family on a four day weekend, also my amazing friends and hubby threw me a surprise party, and went to a few kiddos birthday parties as well. So overall it was not a bad summer, just really HOT!

My little man loved the water.

Aiden and his cousin Isabell at the Aquarium in Tulsa.
Playing in the sandbox.

Birthday Party

Such great friends

girls night, home made face mask

wishes never get old

my silly boy


Just a few photos from the summer, Had a good time but I ready for FALL.

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  1. Looks like you had a great summer! I love the picture from Girls Night! haha