Thursday, June 16, 2011

Feels like Home

June 1st the movers got here and in 2 words the day was hott and long. Since the doors were open we turned the air off in the house and man it got hott, at one point it was in the 90's in the house. The movers were quick and nice, the only think that sucked was a lot of our items were not marked which was just annoying if anything, but only a few things broke and only missing our big broom.
There were so many boxes, and I was not looking forward to all the work ahead.
 Master bedroom
 Aiden bedroom

living room/ dining

I am so happy my mom came up to help unpack, we got done much faster. Now that we are settled I hope to share all Ican about lawton. Hopefully it's not as bad as everyones says. is a good site to go to find groups, for example here I have found one called lawton moms, and there have random meet ups. My landlord was apart of this and she says that she met many good friends, so im excited to start and meet some moms.

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