Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers day everyone. This year is Danny's first fathers day at home, its been so nice having him home. I've been praying that his new unit does not deply anytime soo. If he could be home for more than a year it would be amazing. It would feel normal, but i know that we signed up for this. I just wish all these wars would end.

Today was nice and hott, like it's been since we got here. The heat here is no joke. Once we get dannys jeep down here its gonna be nice to drive with the top off since we did not get to do that much in washington.

We have fallen in love with this place called Braums. They have awesome ice cream, I love the strawberry shortcake sundae.

This is a store resteraunt called  Meers that has a world famous burger so we headed out, about half and hour away and we get there and they take cash only. We really need to start carring cash, so by the time we found an atm it was aidens naptime and if we went back he might have flipped, so we are gonna try again some other time. We saw a sign that said flea market and I got so excited, but my excitement was shot down quick, it was horriable, looked like things staright out of the trash and was trying to make money from it, maybe we will find another, cause i really do like them.

Danny starts work tomorrow and its back to normal life. I love having him home all day.

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