Sunday, September 29, 2013

Charts and Awards

Aiden has been pretty helpful, so we decided to give him a chore chart so he can feel good about completing  something. Once we had had the chart up for a while I realized we should have some sort of rewards system for him.
Printed and laminated the prizes he could choose from, these are just a few and still thinking of more.
1. Put money in his bird bank.
2. Bring his I Pad to bed.
3.Stay up 20 minutes past bed time.
4. Piece of candy.
5.Go to the park.
6. Movie date.
7.Ice Cream date.
8. New Toy.
Any ideas you have for a 3 year old??

Our craft of the week was a hand wreath with his favorite things listed. I am ready to do some Halloween crafts with Aiden.


Aiden has allergies and has to take medicine everyday and was just given another type of medicine he also has to take daily. This list is more for me and Danny so we don't give him the same one more than once a day. I thought it would be fun for Aiden, so we just made it for him to look at and check off. It's a morning and bedtime routine checklist and has been very helpful.


This weekend felt short, it rained all day on Saturday which sucked since it was the post wide yard sale and we had a permit to sell in it. $20 down the drain. Sunday however was beautiful out and a little chilly. So excited that fall is slowly making it's approach.

My boys are growing so fast, trying to take it all in.

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