Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend fun and Breastfeeding guilt.

The weather this weekend was amazing. I am so happy that fall has finally arrived. Got all my fall decorations up, I was excited. It is not suppose to hit the 90's at all this week, this is a good thing for Oklahoma. Saturday we were up early and out and about by 9:30 am. I love when we are active on the weekends, I enjoy the lazy relax weekends to but not has much as I love going out and doing things. Aiden learned to fly a kite and caught on quick. The kite stayed up for long periods of time and he knew what he was doing, it was fun to watch. Aiden's kite is black bomb bird from the Angry Birds, so he kept yelling " Hi, Black Bird over and over" so cute.


      Once we finished the kite flying we headed to the park so Mason could have some fun as well and pushed him in the swing. It's amazing the difference parenting is for me now having two kiddos. With Aiden I was so nervous about everything, and always cared I was being judged. For example if we had to make a quick trip to Wal-Mart and went over to the cooler food areas I would think if Aiden did not have socks on I was a bad parent, or if heaven forbid I forgot his hat on a super sunny day. I was learning and should not have cared what others thought, I knew I was doing the best I could and that every parent even the one with more then one will have hiccups. Who has the right to judge anyways?? No one but the man upstairs.

OK, I had a point I should get to it.... with Mason I'm not as scared, I know that forgetting his socks wont hurt him. I allow him to try and do things sooner as well. Being a parent of two is a whole other world that's for sure.
Saturday night game night for me and the hubs. I was doing horrible at Super Mario, but it was still fun.
                                    They look so much alike.
Sunday we did some yard work and Aiden drove his brother around in his Captain America jeep. Danny put in a seat belt for Mason so he could enjoy. They both enjoyed it.

 I've been feeling guilty lately when it comes to breastfeeding, being a breastfeeding per counselor before Mason was born makes me think I should be taking the advice I gave many other moms in moments of weakness. Mason still gets up every 2 to 3 hours and at least twice a week it's every hour since he's been born and he's 6 months now, very different from Aiden at this age. I'm so tired, I feel some nights I am actually angry at Mason. How horrible is that?  Most nights I cherish the bonding but I have my moments of weakness and what to throw in the towel. I went 18 months with Aiden and pray I can go at least a year with Mason.
Birthday gift from my Aunt. WHO DEY!!!!!

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  1. No guilt about the anger, I totally understand! My little guy is 11.5 months and I'm still up with him once most nights...I got annoyed for awhile and now I'm just kind of used to it. However, I would like to try to nip that one in the bud in the next few weeks with my husband's help...a year of interrupted sleep is enough!