Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sewing machine for $7.99.... SCORE!!!!

I love saving money. Have you seen extreme couponing? I want save like those women. Do you realize how much $$ could be saved if you did not have to buy shampoo and toilet paper or toothpaste for a year? I actually dislike grocery shopping so for me stocking up on items means less grocery sopping for me. I'm slowly learning how to coupon, its much harder then I thought and takes a lot of time and with the boys, I find a little time during naps and quiet time.

Last week I went to Dollar General and they were having a sale 50% off on already clearance items, so I found a few things.

Regular $36 Paid $13

         I found a sewing machine at goodwill for $7.99 that works and have been sewing on it that past few days. I'm new at sewing and have lots to learn but here is what I've tried and done so far.



Little Bag

Pair of pants for Mason.
Fabric on sale for $2.99 instead of $6.99 at Joann's.

A drawstring bag for Aiden from his PJ's.
Getting books from goodwill for the boys is also a great deal. If you really look you can find really nice books. Got these for $3.50.

How do you save money?

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