Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Going crazy.

I am such a mess and in a funk. The past week I've set goals and none of them have been reached,glad I didn't tell anybody about these goals  because that would have been pretty embarrassing. For example mopping my floors or getting my laundry done or just keeping my house decent. I can't even stick to a diet.

      Yesterday I had to go to Walmart to get some oil and I could care less of how much of a mess I looked. I had banana split up on my pants dog hair sticking since they were black, I had baby food carrots on my back from Masons messy hands. I just got a new haircut but you couldn't tell because I did nothing with it. I truly felt like a mom who had nothing together and going crazy.

I had a doctors appointment on Friday and I was so excited to go to get an hour to myself is that sad?

Every night when I go to bed I'm thinking that the next day I will get up and get my house spotless and I will have makeup on and my hair done and Aiden will actually be wearing clothes since he likes to be naked and Mason will have on a onesie with no baby food on it. I will have dinner pulled out and cooked by dinner time. I also think that today will be the last day I have sugary foods or the last day I will eat chips for a snack but sure enough I baked brownies last night and had a bowl of barbecue chips. I think that I will have my boys in bed at a decent time or actually have a routine that I'm able to stick with. I'm losing my own battle here.

I really need to get my stuff together. Such a random blog post but I needed to vent about myself.

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  1. Girl, I've been in your boat for about a month! Today I just said screw it, ill never have a perfect house, we might not have dinner as soon as Eric gets home, I won't do my makeup and dress up just to run to the store, but no matter the funk I have to look at the positive side of things and find a way to get up, make myself happy just as much as I try to keep everyone else happy and move forward weather the house is messy house or goals aren't met. Nobody is perfect, we all have our down times just remember that! You are not alone!!!