Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer Board

Finished up a summer board for Aiden. I like to think I am somewhat organized and without something reminding everyday what needs to be done I will be lost. That being said I decided to hang up a huge pin board and add the following:
  • Aiden’s Chore List: Aiden turned 5 in April and has been awesome in Pre-K, I think he more than ready to follow rules and do some chores, especially since he will be home all day.
  • Sight word worksheets: He loves homework, so it was easy for me to decide to give him some work this summer that will keep his memory fresh and will be able to rick kindergarten.
  • Calendar: We need to keep track of days and times or we will just be lost.
  • A summer bucket list: I’ve never done a bucket list before and wanted to give it a shot since it’s Aidens first official summer break from school.
    • Here’s a closer look at our list.

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