Monday, May 12, 2014

Missing the Army

I was born into a military family and then married my best friend who became a soldier. The Army way of life is all I know, and when my husband decided to get out I was sacred but happy at the same time. The best thing about his decision for me was not having to worry about deployments anymore. Already doing two one year deployments, and losing my dad in Iraq I was very happy about not having to worry about that anymore. That's all I was happy about and any struggle in the civilian world is worth not losing another loved one overseas, and having him home.

 I miss everything else. I miss the smell, my husband would remind me of my dad coming home from the motor pool, I just always called it the army smell, and I miss it. The uniform, loved seeing my man in uniform. The health care, guess in a way I was spoiled my entire life always having health care and free medicine. I don't have any health care right now and it's a very scary uneasy feeling, totally sucks. I miss the sounds of the soldiers marching and doing cadence. Miss the sound of the guys being in the field and hearing all the artillery rounds. I miss the people, it was so easy to make friends we always had so much in common. I have amazing friends because of the Army. Those are just a few things I miss. 

I do want to say that I'm very proud of my husband for serving. I love you!

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