Monday, February 11, 2013

Crafts with Aiden

Trying to keep busy with Aiden and hate being glued to the TV and when it's ugly outside it's easy for us to snuggle on the couch and watch SpongeBob all day long.

It has been my goal to at least do something new and craft once a day since Aiden could play in his room and be one of the Avengers all day as long as I am in there playing right along. The crafts is nice and NEW. The dollar store was my friend this week and look forward to the Fun activities this week.


We started this week with water color paint. The cute paint was from the dollar store, and just got a regular coloring book and some paper.

I joined in the painting fun.
Here is what we did the past week .
Magic Milk Colors
Found this on Pinterst of course from this awesome blog
She has such great ideas for things to do with boys.
What you need:
Shallow Dish
Food coloring
Dish Soap

Noodle Art
Can't go wrong with noodle art, and it's so easy. I drew the heart with glue and the A and Aiden places the noodles, then I let put the glue on a separate paper himself and put the noodles however he liked.

Shapes and sticker fun. I got this idea from this photo on Pinterest.

I actually want to make this for Aiden since it's something we could do over and over again, but since I did not have the supplies just yet I improvised.

I used a large piece of paper that came with a package, cute out the shapes and drew the shapes on the paper. Aiden loves glue so he glued the shapes to the right pictures and then once he was done I gave him tons of stickers from the never ending pile of scrapbook stickers I have. He truly enjoyed and took him some time.

Scrapbooking paper
Cut out heart and arrow and taped to paper
Bingo dobber
Red Paint
Yogurt Pops

Found this fun and healthy snack on pinterst. Very easy to make, check it out at Kitchen Fun with my 3 Boys Blog. Aiden loved them and think I'll be making more fun shapes for him in the future.  Thinking maybe with a little green food coloring  and the shape of a four leaf clover for next month?
Any cute Valentines crafts you want to share?


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