Friday, July 29, 2011

July 29 2011

It's true Lawton Oklahoma does not have very much to offer, but the heat of course. It won't bring me down because for the first time I will have my hubby home for longer than 15 months at a time. I won't have to miss him and sometimes in this army life of ours it seems i am always missing him. I fell lucky. However I know right now there are so many families who are not as lucky and they have a loved one away and they are missing them, I have not forgotten about you and I still pray daily for you and your soldier.

I've decided to start going to the doctor and get fixed. I have always for as long as I can remember have had migraines, and man do they suck, but i know them and have recently been feeling a whole different kind or pain in my head so it worried me, they have taken a 2nd cat scan so we shall see what they find, in my first one they found a pallup (sp) in my nasal cavity, so guess I have some serious allergies just never knew it. Now they say I have tension headaches and need to relax and try not to stress. Ok I will get right on the no stressing part. I love my life and know that it could always be worse. Just need to live for today and not worry about tomorrow I guess, but for me that will be hard. However I will attempt to stress less and see if it helps my brain.

I was thinking about going back to school, but need to figure out what I want to do??? 

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