Sunday, May 26, 2013

Skinny where are you?

Week Two to getting healthy, in shape and SKINNY.
 I keep thinking about biggest loser show and how amazing it must feel at the end of the season. Wish it was the of the season already for me.
The week started off great, got up early and we were at the track by 8:00. Our pace is still at a hour, which I think is great since we seem to have a few stops to adjust the kiddos. However Monday  afternoon the weather got bad and continued through Tuesday was not able to get out. Monday ended up being a day where lots of prayer was needed. About one hour north of me Moore Oklahoma got hit with a F5 Tornado.
It happen so fast, still praying for everyone who was apart of this horrible Storm.
Wednesday:  Up early, hit the track and since I missed a workout on Tuesday I did zumba after walking the track. I realized today that I did not use excuses like before because my son had a doctor appointment at 9:30 and this to be before meant that was all I had to do that day. This time I made sure I was up and got the track done early, then straight to the doctor and soon after make the 10:30 zumba class. I felt accomplished for sure.
My little booger is 12lbs now, growing up so fast.
He took a bottle for the first time this week and Daddy was able to feed him.
Thursday: Woke up with a very intense migraine. I still got up and got dressed, even got mason ready but started feeling worse by the minute and ended going to the ER to get a IV of medicine to help. Migraines is something I got sense I was in high school, but sometimes they are really bad and nothing helps but the cocktail IV they whip up. Missed another walk.
Friday: Woke up refreshed and ready to go. My hubby has a four day weekend so he joined me in the walk and took Aiden to the park while Mason and I did zumba. I feel that getting two forms of workouts in one day makes up for my missed day. I afraid I'm going to start slacking because I did something to my knee and its kicking my butt. I have a doctors appointment next week so going to try and tough it out until then.
How yummy does this salad look? 
Salad with pineapple. strawberries, mandarin oranges, and this particular one had creamy poppy seed dressing and the noodles since I ran out of pecans. SO GOOD!!!
This week we also redid a jeep for Aiden. What do you think?
Aiden thinks it's cool.
Thanks for reading about my little world, Have a beautiful day.


  1. Keep up the great work! Aiden's new jeep is awesome!

  2. Great job- keep on going!!!