Wednesday, April 11, 2012


It's been awhile since I've linked up with Jamie for What I'm loving Wednesday. The past few weeks were hard, I seem to just stay sick and was not very happy and did not seem to love anything. I just wanted to be normal, go one day without pain. I pray for those who have to live with some type of illness everyday, I have family that does and it breaks my heart, look up to them because they seem to make it work.

So here's what I'm loving

That I'm off today, going to catch up on cleaning and sleep.

That my husband is home, there are many men leaving/ deploying and I'm blessed this time around and Danny is staying. 

That the Relay for life team has been kicking butt and raiseng a lot of money for helping those with cancer. I am still $40 short from my goal, so if any of you lovely readers want to help click the link. Thank yo so much.

That Easter weekend was a blast, loved watching Aiden enjoy searching for eggs.

My job, it's amazing to talk and help women with breastfeeding. 

That my son has learned so much from the bubble gubbies, and all the educational app on the IPad. 

That I'm blessed for having a friend who watches Aiden while I'm at work, it's nice to be worry free, and know he's in good hands. 

That tonight I'm making tacos for dinner, my favorite.

That Aidens and Johnny's ( my nephew) birthday is at the end of the month, very excited. 

That I found a app that reads the Bible to me, I've tried reading it my self and it's just hard.

That we got the Hunger Game books and my hubby is going to read with me.

That my BFF made it to Germany safely. Can't wait to send out the first box. 

That today I'm getting a patio set, been wanting one for so long. 

And loving my boys always.

What are you loving today


  1. You are going to Love the Hunger games books! and how awesome is it that you get to talk about the books with your husband!

  2. Oh my goodness, that last picture? Adorable!