Monday, March 12, 2012

week in photos

The past week went by so slow. I was in OKC for training and was away from Aiden for the first time. Was only gone for three days but missed him and my hubby very much. I did not realize that I had such a routine with Aiden until being away. I found myself waking up looking for the baby monitor. Glad I'm home, but did learn a lot in training and excited to be official. Starting today I will be really working and will be able to help my coworkers. I know I will love my job, and because of this job I think I will be starting school again. 

I had a awesome weekend and have some fun photos to share. 

Sent my boys pictures, while I was away.

O, how I love thee

I did enjoy a hot bath and a mani pedi for myself while away.

My sister Melissa came up and I took photos of my nephew Johnny, he's adorable.

I want this for spring. Super cute.

Aiden loves the decals, I got them from the dollar store.

My sister wanted some of Danny's BBQ, it was so yummy.

Had dinner at a friends, which was so good. Aiden ended up slipping on a toy while we where there and would not put any pressure on his leg. Off to the ER we went. We were seen right away and did X-rays, nothing was broke so we were in the clear. Aiden was such a happy baby the time, we were not prepared for going to te ER so I called and asked my friends if they could bring me a extra diaper, I got the diapers plus all the goodies  you see on the bottom right of the picture. Love them.

Saturday was a very full day, we woke up early and watched a soccer game, went and exchanged busy bags, hung out at friends house for a bit, then went to a gun show which is where this picture was taken, Aiden had fell alsleep while I was holding him walking around , I ended up having to sit and let danny walk around more because he's not a baby anymore. He's heavy.

Aiden loved all the busy bags we went and got. Such a great idea I look forward to the next exchange,

Love my silly family.

While we were at the roller derby we got to see a proposal. So sweet. She said yes.

Ended the night at Chili's with some great friends. 

Have a beautiful week everyone, 


  1. You do a fabulous job keeping up with your job, hubby and little boy! Nice Pics! You have a beautiful family.

  2. Looks like you had a great week! I LOVE Salon Effects nail polish strips! If you put a clear coat over them, they will last forever and not chip! Oh and that last pic, one word. Awesome! It's good to have friends to hang out with!